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I’ve been door-knocking around the country since 1990 and always felt that is the best way to get great deals, but a few years ago, when the hedge funds and institutional home buyers came into the market, everyone was complaining there were no good deals anymore. Well, I was getting good deals just like always. It never mattered what city or state I was door-knocking in, I always got the same great results every time. That’s when I realized I have a system that can be duplicated anytime anyplace and anywhere, All you need is the discipline to apply it. I have mastered what works and what doesn’t.

To give you an idea, at the time I was writing this, the properties I had purchased over the previous year were generating profits of over 100,000 dollars for single-family homes. (During a period where homes were getting 50 offers and selling for thousands above asking price.

To date, I’ve only trained a handful of people (on a 1 on 1 basis) Most investors in markets like these are doing it wrong and have no idea why the deals they get have no profit. Of the few that I have trained, their ability to find great opportunities with large profits is staggering. One couple who had years of experience, made 50,000 on their first hidden market deal after I took them door-knocking for one day. Another lady, with no experience, did 4 deals in one neighborhood right after taking my training. She had gotten laid off from her job and doubled what she was making.

As a result, I am offering my 3-day door knocking hands-on training anywhere in the nation, I have several training camps scheduled for 2024 that you can attend, or if you would rather be trained on a 1 on 1 basis, click below to set some dates for me to come to your town.

What I’m going to teach you applies to the Hidden Market, The art of finding properties in your own area with no for sale signs, not on the internet or MLS, In fact, sometimes the owner doesn’t know his house was for sale that day, so how could anyone else? I will train you to get probates, (pre) pre foreclosures, bankruptcies, code enforcement, incarcerated owner, burn outs, and folks that need to move to one level homes. I will also teach you what techniques to use in any given situation, (owner finance, subject to, lease option, and cash, (and where to get the cash from folks knocking down your door to be chosen}. You will be trained how to wholesale, wholetail, retail, or keep long term all the properties you will get.


I will teach you the exact recipe for finding 30 of these properties every week on a part-time basis. (Forever) I say this because I have been using this recipe all over the nation for years, and always get the same result. If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money.


“I’ve been so afraid to quit my job and do real estate full time that I went part time for a month, however Gary and I have so many houses under contract and undergoing rehabs, that I need to dedicate this as my full time business, so Friday, I quit my job. The most amazing and scary thing is we now have other people giving us their money to partner with on these deals. Just today, I had an investor give me $170K to buy and rehab a house. This includes the fee I now charge for finding the deal and then I split the profits with the investor. I never would have imagined other people would actually give me their money to do these deals.”

All the Best,

Maria and Gary Giordano

“My wife Maria & I have done 22 deals since we did our 1 on 1 with you in Phoenix. Thank you for kick starting us”

Maria and Gary Giordano




If you have prior experience, Great, But the truth is, I’d almost rather you didn’t since it will be easier to train you from scratch.

A Lady named Becky Harrington approached me and said, “I just got laid off from my job, I was making $60K per year, Can you guarantee if I take your training, that I can make 60K per year?” I said, it depends on whether you continue to apply what I teach you, I guarantee you won’t make 60k if you do nothing. She took the Training and did four rapid deals all in the same neighborhood and surpassed what she made at her job. (wholesaling)

Dear real estate investor,

I started working with Tony in the middle of December. Almost 4 months to the day I deposited my first $20,000 check with more deals underway.

Since the initial training Tony has continued to assist me at each stage of the process on every opportunity and guided me on making each offer.

He happily takes my phone calls and or text and emails and always responds promptly with guidance.

Tony is a trustworthy teacher who is dedicated to sharing what he has learned to help others succeed.


Becky Harrington

If you are already an experienced investor, I’ll show you how to make small tweaks in what you’re doing which will equate more consistent profitable results. Or, if you are not investing yet because you don’t know how to talk to homeowners, it all starts with learning to communicate to get them excited to hear what you have to offer, I will be covering all this and much more.

No matter where you are born, or what your language or accent is, you can be trained to communicate with sellers, This is Wenqi Nelson from Michigan, she has become one of the top wholesalers in Michigan since she took the training. She has done so many deals since the training, we have lost count.

Hey Tony

Thank you! I assigned a property for $20,000!!!! I will be making more from assignments this year than i will make from my full-time job as a real estate agent. Your course and boot camp was easy to follow & works!! I can’t wait till you come back this winter to thank you in person! Mike loved the smell of the 2 family i assigned!

Bill McClory     Peabody MA




If you want to make money in Real Estate, you MUST learn to get really good at

                                                     Finding good deals.

                         YOU NEED “HANDS ON TRAINING” OUT IN THE FIELD

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to spend countless hours driving through neighborhoods, I will show you how to find 20-30 properties in your back yard and it only takes 4-6 hours, and a half a tank of gas. Would you rather spend thousands of dollars for

radio or TV commercials or Billboards? You would have to do 5=10 deals just to break even, I will train you to make profit on each and every deal.

And if you think you can sit at home in your underwear and find deals on the internet, good luck, the whole world is looking for properties in America on the internet. How could you get a profitable deal.

I have been sitting in Investors club meetings and always hear other people say, “I will help you.” No other investor is really going to help you and create competition on what may be working for them in his area. (get Real)

In my 3 day door-knocking camps, any deals we find are for the class, also true for one on one trainings. In Columbia SC, we found a vacant foreclosure and found the owner 50 miles away. We offered to buy his house and he was thrilled.  Someone in the class offered to buy the house from his classmates, But the class agreed to keep it and rehab it for higher profits. (The class wanted rehab experience) the result was they all came together and fixed it up and sold it and they each made 5 times what they paid to attend the training. Every time I go to that city, the class gets a deal to share, Below is a letter from a previous class.

Hi Tony,


I thought that you might like to know that the house that you made an offer on (judge’s house on Midhurst) during the Columbia bootcamp in May was bought and then resold to a rehabber. The original contract you wrote expired because the judge never signed it. But the group didn’t give up. We followed up with him later and he said he would still be interested in selling. Offer was the same as yours with an inspection contingency. He signed the contract and the inspection revealed $65,000 in repairs needed.  The repair estimate was included as part of a counteroffer for $36,000 and he agreed!  The deal was then wholesaled to a rehabber for $50,000 and the group made $14,000 to split among us!  Unbelievable! This stuff works!  Thanks Tony!


Fred Nesvet  South Carolina (one of the students)

I did a Training in Atlanta Georgia for the local Investors Club and we got an offer accepted from an owner who was incarcerated. I found a buyer to wholesale it to, but the class wanted to rehab it for the experience. The class and I totally rehabbed it.

Rapport and trust is established by face to face contact with the seller, If you want to be successful in real estate, you must learn to present offers without being aggressive or pushy

Good morning Tony Sold in 1 day Bought for $35k Expenses: $45-$50k Sold: $139,750 Profit: $55-$60,000 Thank you Master Yoda- Flipper!!


Thank you Brother you have changed our live
May the Lord continue bless you!
Jorge and Maria  

Of the students I’ve shared this with, one of them was a housewife with kids, her husband thought she was being bamboozled so she invited me to her home to meet him, he agreed to let me train her and she did so many profitable transactions and became one of the most successful investors in her town. Alabama. Another man who was referred to me by his friend, took my training to build a rental portfolio, During the training we visited a man in bankruptcy and the student acquired his house by bringing his loan current and taking over the payments (all with the courts approval) He then rented the house at an extreme cash flow.

There was also a wealthy man that hired me to find a rental house for his son who was in college, I had just bought a foreclosure and rehabbed it and sold it to the father. It produced $1250 per month for the son to live on while in college. 2 years later the son finished college and sold the house and netted $20,000. (nuthin but net)


In my training, you will be trained to get only “profitable” deals, you will make money by wholesaling, rehabbing, and building a rental portfolio for your retirement and you will always have plenty of properties to apply what you learned.


Another great hidden market closing recently-put a property under contract for $102,500 and sold it to investor for $130,500-made $28k! 

Thanks again!  

Greg B.

Charleston, SC


  • How to get good at finding good deals
  • How to HEAR the seller tell you how to buy his house
  • How to wholesale instead of buy from wholesalers
  • How to get sellers excited to hear your offer
  • How and when to apply creative financing techniques
  • How to create profit in deals that have none
  • How to have unlimited funding for your deals
  • How to get deals every month


I was told by club leaders that I’m the only speaker who comes back to take their members out in their own back yard and prove my system works. I do it because I know that everything sounds good in the classroom but when the student gets out of the classroom, they forget what they learned and FEAR grips them and paralyzes every fiber of their being. I have found that taking them to real deals and actually talking to owners and making offers in front of them, is what they have needed all their lives. It’s all here, all the way to the big fat check.

Tony Youngs’ Ultimate 1-on-1 Hands-On Training (Your town | 3 Days)

Tony will come to your hometown and personally train you by taking you out to find all the potential good deals in your area. He will set you up with a plan for continuous success in real estate. During the training you will find properties to make offers on. You will know all the details of how to analyze, inspect, estimate repairs, determine the value, write the offer and make the offer. Then you will see how to sell or rent the property for maximum returns.  Inquire

This is Greg K. from Las Vegas,

He has done 40 deals since attending the training. He not only took the Training in Las Vegas, he drove to Los Angeles to take the training again. He was determined to make it work.


YES, I am ready Click here Tony Youngs Real Estate Investor Training

Any examples of income or earnings are not to be interpreted as common, typical, or expected. Although we have numerous documented successful success stories from myself and my customers, we cannot provide or guarantee a typical result. The showcased customers were not paid for their stories, As a matter of fact, the majority of them came unsolicited from happy customers who were excited to share their results.

You have been to the seminars.  You have bought the books and tapes. If you have not made a lot of money, the missing ingredient is hands-on “in the field” training.  

Tony Youngs will come to your hometown and literally take you by the hand.  He will help you find the best deals, analyze them, inspect them, estimate repairs, do title searches, write the offers, and find a buyer for you and with you.  There is no better way to learn than by actually doing it in the real world.