Hire An Expert To Help You

You have been to the seminars. You bought the books and tapes. If you have not made a lot of money, the missing ingredient is hands-on “in the field” training.

Tony Youngs will come to your hometown and literally take you by the hand. He will help you find the best deals, analyze them, inspect them, estimate repairs, do title searches, write the offers, and find a buyer for you and with you. There is no better way to learn than by actually doing it in the real world.

For over 30 years, Tony has taken his clients out in the field and has come face-to-face with distressed property owners to uncover the best opportunities in the area. He will show you how to find “Hidden Markets” that do not have “for sale” signs, ads in the paper and are not listed online or the MLS. Thus, he will find properties that will have little to no competitive buyers and are the most undervalued in the area, thereby maximizing your profit.

Since the great “foreclosure crisis” began, Tony has gone in the trenches with his clients in just about every state and county in the nation. His profound knowledge is way beyond what you hear on the news or internet. Tony offers a variety of training methods that will fit virtually anyone’s needs. Feel free to contact Tony for a free consultation on how you will benefit.